Chair of Health Economics, Faculty of Business and Economics (DHE)

Research focus:

DHE is engaged in research to elicit preferences of patients and physicians regarding medical outcomes, health and life. It does experimental research in the economic laboratory and uses internet platforms to collect data. Large public and private data sets are used to analyse competition in health care and in health insurance markets.


Cooperation and networking:

CHE is partner of in the SSPH+ program which organizes doctoral courses in health economics and policy. DHE closely collaborates with the health economics research center CINCH – competent in competition and health – at the University of Duisburg Essen. Collaboration with the Institute for Technology Assessment at the Department of Radiology, Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School has started this year. Felder is the health economics expert in the Swiss Medical Board. As executive director Felder is very active in the German Health Economics Association as well as in the European Health Economic Association whose secretariat belongs to CHE.


Publications (full publication record:

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