Effective and timely translation of new knowledge from basic science into clinical medicine is essential for medical innovation and for improving population health. ‘Bench-to-bedside’ translational research leading to successful drug approval is inarguably vital for innovation in medicine but will not suffice for the successful implementation of a new product or technology into clinical care.  With health care systems being under increasing financial pressure, health policy decision makers demand Health Technology Assessments (HTA) to document the evidence for the comparative effectiveness of new drugs or devices based on real world data and cost-effectiveness.

S-CORE provides academic expertise in all methods fundamental to Health Technology Assessments (HTA) and real world evidence generation, namely evidence synthesis and meta-analysis, pharmaco-epidemiological and drug safety studies, set-up and analysis of data from observational and experimental (randomized controlled trials ) studies, decision-analytic modelling, health economic evaluations and health economics.

Strategic goals of S-CORE

  • To strengthen comparative effectiveness research, the efficient transfer and implementation of new evidence-based technologies into medical practice
  • To develop health economic projects and methodologies for optimized decision making on resource allocation in health care and on a sustainable development of health care systems
  • To develop benchmarks for the delivery of evidence-based health care with the efficient use of routinely collected data
  • To coordinate and strengthen teaching and education at the University of Basel in comparative effectiveness research, health economic evaluation, health economics, and Health Technology Assessments (HTA).

Added Value of S-CORE

S-CORE will generate at University of Basel and on the national level important synergies for HTA-related research activities and economic modelling that is increasingly needed for optimal resource allocation given the steady increase of health demand. All partners have also established international collaborations  and are involved in European HTA activities.